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Sunset Avenue Workshop Pin Up Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Steve Yetman
You could install a median on Sunset to prohibit lefts out and keep it as a Hawk signal.
Mike Rutkowski
this is true. I wonder if that is palatable to the committee?
Steve Yetman
If NCDOT does not approve of a signal at Weatherstone, hopefully the Hawk signal and median that prohibits lefts out could be allowed.
Jaquasha Colón
Peter can you share with us the approved planting list if the committee has one prepared?
Mike Rutkowski
Matt Sledge - P&R
John Griffin
As we look at this intersection, all of us RM people are probably wondering why we're so worried about pedestrians … since we rarely see anyone daring enough to try and cross this intersection today.
Steve Yetman
NCDOT should have provide pedestrian signals at Winstead.
John Griffin
One of the most troubling problems is when a visitor tries to pull on to Sunset. from the convenience store. Can we fix this? All RM folk know better than to pull out this way.
Steve Yetman
What is proposed at Candlewood?
John Griffin
A Selfie on Sunset? WOW.
Peter Gilliland
Regret to say that must leave.Thanks for the thoughtful work. I look forward to seeing the continuation.