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MnAPA Women and COVID Panel Discussion - Shared screen with speaker view
Hi! Thanks so much for having this panel. Looking forward to learning from the panelists! --Rebecka in Rochester
Kristin White (she/hers) Minnesota CAV-X
Welcome Rebecka!
Kristin White (she/hers) Minnesota CAV-X
For those that haven't read it, we regularly rely on the McKinsey & LeanIn.org 'Women in the Workplace Report'. It's an incredible resource - https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/diversity-and-inclusion/women-in-the-workplace.
Chloe McGuire (she/hers) - APA MN
menti.com and use code 26 90 68 4
Brenda Kerls
I don't think a man would work two jobs!
Erin Perdu (she/her)
Nope, never. I often ask myself "what would a man do?" (which is messed up, but it does help sometimes)
Pamela Fincher
I agree - I often consult with my husband! On 'what would you do in this situation'
Emily Goellner
When I returned from parental leave in August, I received no empathy or tenderness from colleagues as I eased back in. The crazy workload was put right back on me on Day 1 as if I wasn't pumping three times a day or living in the pandemic.
Jamie Bents
Balance is... as previously described... b.s.!
Caroline Miller (she/her)
Thanks for sharing, Emily. Empathy is so important
Kristin White (she/hers) Minnesota CAV-X
@ Emily that breaks my heart to hear that. I hope everyone on this call knows that you now have a friend and ally with me and I support and care for you all. Growing these networks is so important.
Erin Perdu (she/her)
So hard to get out of the "sorry" thing!
Emily Goellner
When you find yourself about to say sorry, say thank you instead!! Yes!
Mei-Ling Smith
Bedroom "office"! :)
Kristin White (she/hers) Minnesota CAV-X
It's not just about saying "thank you for understanding" or "thank you for the extra time" - But it's about reframing the narrative to create new norms. I ask people to bring their children and dogs into meetings. I ask about their home office setting and anything that is meaningful to them. The norm itself has to be redefined.
Marie Darling, she/her
I feel for you Emily. That all is so exhausting. One of my previous bosses always told me that she had no problem working from home through her maternity leave or coming back, because her baby was so good. (She adopted a 3 mo old). Yikes. No empathy anticipated there either.
Monique Y MacKenzie
Aarica very wise counsel. Empathy without carrying others’ burdens alongside our own!
My parents took the little one for lunch so I could focus on this webinar today. I have to weigh the need for them to take him so that I cash in my favors in the best way, so I get the best benefit. Webinar? Vacuum? Spreadsheet work? Nap? These are all things I have to consider.
Caroline Miller (she/her)
We're so glad you are able to join us today, Rebecka. Sometimes it just feels so hard to prioritize so many extra jobs that women are expected to do
Leah Dawkins (She/Her)
I think we all know this intrinsically, but this whole year just further exemplified how completely inhumane the culture of work is in this country. None of us should be forced to use vacation time to accommodate billable hours and manage our families. I kind of resent the self-care narrative around work because it puts the responsibility on individuals rather than encouraging us all to actively question this whole broken system.
Mei-Ling Smith
Totally agree, Leah!
Leah Dawkins (She/Her)
"Self-care" just ends up being a tool of the patriarchy to displace blame.
Emily Goellner
Even after all that we've been through, the front desk staff in my organization has been vocal that every employee should be in the office 8-4:30 M-F no exceptions. It really hurts my feelings and makes me angry.
Erin Perdu (she/her)
That is such archaic thinking Emily!! I'm sorry you are subject to that!
PeggySue Imihy (she/her)
We definitely have that mentality at my office as well. That butts in chairs is the only way we ensure that work is happening.
PeggySue Imihy (she/her)
It took a lot of work to be at home. Not sure how you transform that mentality.
Aarica Coleman (she/hers), Blmgt HRA
So, I ask the question when ppl want to get back to in person or be in person now, why? Who are we serving? Is that equitable? Is work lacking or is this an outdated mindset around seeing ppl to make sure they are working and to feel you have access to them
Erin Perdu (she/her)
The only reason I want to get back to in person (part of the time) is for face to face collaboration. I don't think anyone needs to be in person all the time, unless you just happen to prefer that.
Mei-Ling Smith
We can also ask our male family members to do that!
Chloe McGuire (she/hers) - APA MN
I think it's a lack of trust in employees at the end of the day - they only trust we're working if they physically see us.
Kristin White (she/hers) Minnesota CAV-X
The book I referenced is here: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/592377/burnout-by-emily-nagoski-phd-and-amelia-nagoski-dma/
Organizations that don't allow work from home seem to just not trust their employees. Such a pity to require in person work, when being at home is safer. Some people are even MORE productive at home!
Kristin White (she/hers) Minnesota CAV-X
This is the Coursera course I mentioned: https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being
PeggySue Imihy (she/her)
I think a lot of us are not so lucky to have women leaders - how do we have these conversations with male leaders?
Nancy Abts
What would the panelists say to planners who have left the workforce during the pandemic?
Sylvia Brueckert
As planners, how can we influence or advocate for women in the workplace outside of our own offices? Especially positions that can't be done remotely
Mei-Ling Smith
Many of us also have to deal with unions and the 8-4:30 expectations
Chloe McGuire (she/hers) - APA MN
I'd love to work to start to compile resources (books, courses, podcasts, etc.) from all attendees here on these items so we don't lose track of all the amazing recommendations!
Mei-Ling Smith
I love the book "Overwhelmed" - esp for parents
Kristin White (she/hers) Minnesota CAV-X
@ PeggySue that's a great question I would love to address here. How do we support and engage champions and allies?
Leah Dawkins (She/Her)
Not only do we need to rethink the basis of our economy-- the acknowledgement of the diversity of 'essential' workers should lead us to support getting health care to everyone in America. We all deserve quality health care.
Marie Darling, she/her
Yes Aarica! I agree that some women also have problems. I've actually had better male supervisors than female.
Emily Goellner
The most hurtful and impactful sexism I've ever experienced was from women who have decades of work experience in City government.
Kristin White (she/hers) Minnesota CAV-X
Leverage LinkedIn! It's the only social media I use to build networks, connect with others, learn about the industry and help grow my skillset.
Chloe McGuire (she/hers) - APA MN
I agree, Emily. I have had similar experiences too.
Monique Y MacKenzie
For those who have been doing so much hard work with families and caregiving during these crazy times, I have great respect for you- my kids are teens now and though I have been more concerned about their mental health than ever, I cannot imagine how I would be surviving trying to work effectively/ parent / support at home learning....
Kristin White (she/hers) Minnesota CAV-X
https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinrwhite/ - Connect with me! I'm happy to support anyone interested in State of Minnesota opportunities.
Pamela Fincher
We are also hiring a planner! Look at HNTB.com :)
Pamela Fincher
Agreed - that little girl is adorable!!
Jamie Bents
Thank you very much for the conversation today! We aren't alone! :)
Thank you all for this fabulous conversation! So needed.
PeggySue Imihy (she/her)
Thank you so much panelists!!
Thanks for this discussion!
Kristin White (she/hers) Minnesota CAV-X
Thank you everyone for making space today. I appreciate all the incredible work you do!
Caroline Miller (she/her)
Thank you everyone for attending! Special thanks to our panelists and to Stantec for sponsoring today's discussion.
Brenda Kerls
Thank you so much for this session. I am not a "planner" but I face all the same challenges I heard here in my organization. It is refreshing to hear what great things are happening!
Monique Y MacKenzie
Can this be done again in the. Next few months?
Pamela Fincher
Amen - very encouraging. Thank you all.
Maame Yorke
Thank you!
Looking forward to a virtual happy hour.
Rita Albrecht, Bemidji
Great panel and honest discussion and ideas. Thank you!
Ashley Morello
Thank you panelists and organizers for this great conversation!