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Sunset Avenue Workshop Pin Up Session - Shared screen with speaker view
John Griffin
Instead of highlighting Sunset at this point, why not a "Welcome to Rocky Mount, NC"???
John Griffin
There are a fair number of accidents at Halifax Road. Who will be addressing the intersection itself?
Dylan McKnight
I love the idea of textured or patterned crosswalks
John Griffin
We should get our Travel & Tourism committee actively involved. They control the tourism taxes collected from our hotels and would be very serious about maintenance of flags, banners, signs, and greenery. If fact, today's paper says they are NOT in favor of the downtown hotel. Nearly all the new and attractive hotels are right off Sunset. They might be an excellent source of more money.
Dylan McKnight
Per Jordan's question, you can paint the areas where the multiuse path will cross driveways, per NACTO's guidelines. https://nacto.org/publication/urban-bikeway-design-guide/bikeway-signing-marking/colored-bike-facilities/
Jordan Reedy
Thanks for this Dylan!
John Griffin
Mike, No need to share this. FYI only. I think Barbara Green is the employee who's heads up the committee. Sheila Martin is the chairperson of the committee and the majority of the T&T Council are affiliated with the hotels. You should be making a presentation directly to them They would go bonkers over these improvements. Years ago I did a lot of advertising work for the council.
John Griffin
I've got to leave the meeting. Great, GREAT work!!
Carlos Moya -- NCDOT - Transportation Planning Division
Thank you Mike, Bob & Jordan!
Dylan McKnight
Regarding the multi-use path along the corridor...there have been many studies that have collected data suggesting that businesses adjacent to a bicycle facility like that do significantly better than those that are not.
Carlos Moya -- NCDOT - Transportation Planning Division
Stay safe,